Around two friends and then the poor control five percent the reality is much worse than that the reality is the top in the top five control the vast majority of all assets and capital in this world seventy percent of everything is owned by the top twenty percent nineteen percent sorry twenty-nine percent of the other what’s remaining is controlled by the middle class which is predominant locked up in housing and residential housing and two some smaller extent stocks bonds and you at ease until deposits and the bottom twenty percent.

only control one percent of assets in the world so obviously if you only become wealthy you’ve got to think about the realities why these people tend to control the vast majority of wealth out there and where they focus their energy and their money and it’s exactly what this video is all about the only ones win the rich person the poor person is how they use their time and that’s the key it’s not just about realizing what the reality is it’s also about you realizing that you have choice where you’re going to end up you have a choice.

whether you can end up in the top or in the bottom twenty percent and that has to do with how you use your time who you listen to what books you read how how educated you are and what choices you’re going to make in life you know if you make a decision conscious decision and other this years ago to read two hours a night and educate yourself then after two years or three years of constant compounding of knowledge you’re going to become very intelligent in a chosen area when I was I made a conscious decision to stop watching TV completely not what’s any Vat all I read the fan review so I kept up to date with the economic times and what’s happening in economy but what Did was I made a conscious decision every night.

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