And we forget that sometimes if we talk about the thousand people who live in the village or the number of jobs that might be lost or other things like that that are quantities that renumbers that are values sometimes you can get a politician’s attention with that and it doesn’t have to be a number of that then you get to argue that so I’ll put that on the table for maybe future discussion as mentioned before Think monitoring is essential I think we’re asking people to pay for services.

I think that we should Sydney Property Valuations be sure we’re delivering and the last thing which came up earlier as well is that weened to understand some of the possible consequences of this and the delta project might be a good example of this because wetlands when people think of wetlands and carbon sequestration they often are very skeptical because wetlands produce a lot of gases like methane and citrous oxide that actually our greenhouse gases so the carbon balance of wetlands is not clear they’re sort of science questions.

There in the Sacramento delta in particular there’s also a legacy of mercury left over from the gold rush days and if we sort of replant wetlands and manage them for carbon are re-releasing more mercury that basically gets into the food supply we need to understand what that means and I think the point was made earlier we focus on one service we’re likely infecting others and we need to understand what we’re trading off so it’s hard but we need to think as mochas we can about the big picture in the different consequences of it so I guess would like to leave it with that and thank you all again for inviting means incredibly important for all of these versions of payment for services or whatever programs and so it wonder if you guys have thought about it for years about how different policies are different both.