Who would like to get into the housing market through their negative gearing policy the PM quickly pulled Kelly Sawyer into line I can only assume that the minister was referring to new housing which of course is a very small percentage of the housing stock it’s up to prudent government action and certainly not thrash proposal of the Lab our Party to suggest that you’ll only.

Give negative gearing to new your home construction because that would just devastate the housing market that would create a free fall that would be devastating absolute rubbish it’s just a scare campaign and what we need to do is look at policies which really do make a difference on housing affordability but to claim that this would devastate as John Alexander says and that’s the Liberal Party talking points is just a completely fallacious argument John Dal saboteur’s change would probably push house prices.

Down but not as much as the government claims chances are we would see property you prices fall a little bit relevant where they would be otherwise maybe two percent so it’s not big change in the scheme of things and at the margins we would see slightly fewer investors Property Valuations Melbourne and slightly more homeowners now it is true that negative gearing speaker the current treasurer Scott Morrison says elaborateness attempt to change negative gearing is the politics of envy when what they don’t understand speakers ordinary Australians mum and dads are the ones who invest in negative gearing speaker timber burglars who engage in negative.

Gearing have in taxable income of or less speaker one reason for that is that there are millions more people in that lower tax bracket then there are on thrones above it but some recent figures from the Rattan Institute show that it’s the top.