know where we’re reinforcing the point that you you need to select the asset right there’s massive massive opportunity for greater wealth if you do your research and you get the right location first which does eighty percent of heavy lifting and then you execute on the right type of property in that location and obviously the cave it’s that we have in our models you know try and avoid high density or areas where there can be quick oversupply men you know hiding to the apartments we we avoid so how do you determine which property.

It is the question you determine which proper or which suburb that you choose of the , plus suburbs that they are in this country yep because if if the location does eighty percent of the heavy lifting and the facts verify that the consumer other the person who’s interested in investing has to avoid the noise that’s really distracting and by that time you know I often talk about a story where Had a client some let me know that they were interested in a property the historical growth of the suburb was twenty-three percent they could get rental guarantee and the depreciation.

Means it can get some really great tax that’s a textbook right there that’s that’s in a home textbook three hour presentation I’ll teach you about property this is a laconic oh she’s twenty bucks or they’ve got twenty bucks week to buy this property Mike can you let me can you go twenty bucks a week that’s all telling up look at how much tax I’m gonna save you the point is that the it’s seducing twenty-three percent growth correct and you’ve.

percent so yeah not a single average and we’re not buying average not but not a single average across any city across any household type whether it was houses or units none of them are doubled as an average so yeah again reinforcing our point and that would be incredible if it did because.

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